Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dermatologist Appointment

Keziah had her yearly dermatologist appointment today back at Toronto Sick Kids. She goes in every year as they like to keep an eye on her freckle, taking pictures and noting any changes (darkening, thickening, bumps etc.). I didn't tell her we were going until the day of. Last time, when we went back in September, I told her a few days ahead, which resulted in some anxious moments at night (bed wetting). This time, because her appointment was later in the morning (11 o'clock), I knew I would have time to tell her that morning.

Because her appointment was at 11 that meant no traffic jams (by no traffic jams, I mean that I didn't stop once until I hit Islington. That's pretty good!! And then it was stop and go all the way to the hospital).

She was pretty excited to go......until we ran into this thing:

These statues were everywhere in the hospital, with two on either side of the entrance doors. She would NOT go in because of them. And having learned my lesson from the witch incident (find this story at the end of a post on my other blog), I did not try to convince her they wouldn't move :o) I just picked her up and carried her into the hospital.

The waiting wasn't too long, giving her a little time to colour and to play.

Once in, the dermatologist had a look at her freckle; of what's left of it anyway. They were very impressed with the work that was done on her face. They had last year's picture from our appointment and couldn't believe the changes!! Using a special light and magnifying glass, they inspected what was left and other than it being quite dry, which is common for having a congenital meloncytic nevus, it all looked great!!

For the scars, she gave me this to use:

Have any of you heard or used this before on any scars? She just gave us samples for now. I am just wondering if it's worth purchasing....

Because having CMN also can mean having satellites (smaller moles), we checked the rest of Keziah's body to see if any have popped up. Satellites can pop up anywhere and at any time. I know of some that have 100s to 1000s of satellites, whereas others don't have any at all. Some of these satellites can be large and others quite small.

When born, Keziah was checked over and there were a few spots, but they were really light. I have noticed over the past year or so, more spots popping up. She has quite a few on her legs now. They are quite light in colour, but I have also noticed that a few of them have that dark coarse hair coming out of them. The dermatologist did not think they were satellites, but we will need to keep an eye on them. So far there are about 6 or 7 on her right leg and almost 10 on her left leg.
(Chant with me: I will not be jealous over her gorgeous skin colour, I will not be jealous over her gorgeous skin colour, I will not be.......)

And so we go back in a year to have these all looked at again. For now, I've documented them and will keep an eye on them (and for others) until then.

Once her appointment was over, we enjoyed a bagel and timbits together. Correct me if I am wrong but I think she liked the cream cheese :o)

And then it was time to go home!! Going to the hospital continues to be a tiring affair for her!

Happy to be home!

And so am I. Going to the hosptial is draining in many ways. It takes up a good chunk of your day (gone from 9:30-2:00), dealing with traffic and whatnot. But the most draining part of it all is keeping my mother bear reactions down to a minimum. You would think that walking through a hospital, a children's hosptial no less, people would be more sensitive to the fact that you are going to see things that are "different". I actually find the hospital to be one of the worse places for her to be stared at!! What gives?? I don't get it. And it's not just "oh, she has something on her face" kind of staring. It is the "oh my! The poor girl. What in the world is on her face? Maybe if I stare longer and harder I'll figure it out" kind of staring. Yes, it is very hard to deal with and so I do not enjoy going. At all.

Education is huge! Hopefully this blog has helped in that regard. Once educated, the need is less to stare. And that goes for all things, conditions, differences, what have you. And may we all recognize the Creator of us all, the One who NEVER makes a mistake.


  1. Stare back at them, really, really intentionally until they notice and realize what they are doing! :)

    1. Oh yes. That is what I do. And my stare is not a friendly one if they are staring, pointing and commenting in an obnoxious and insensitive way. It worked yesterday with a girl. She exclaimed "Oh, look at HER!!", poking her sister, trying to get her attention. She got mine and she noticed that I stared her down. She realized what she did, thankfully.

  2. We were there today for Logun's surgery! Small world. We used the Kelo-cote on Logun when he was little. The silicone sheets worked better when I could use something to give them pressure then just the silicone gel. I would try the samples for awhile first. From what I remember it was quite expensive. On Logun it was the pressure and the silicone combination that did any good.

    1. Aw, shucks.....too bad we missed each other! What time was his surgery? Did you manage to find a parking spot under the hospital?? Thanks for your opinion on the gel. Her scars are really minimal so I was wondering if we should put out the cost of the gel. They aren't even bumpy, so I am not sure if using the gel is so necessary....

    2. And also, how did Logun's surgery go?

  3. Michelle, My Daughter Maren has almost the same exact birthmark as Keziah. I have noticed that adults are the worst and at the hospital it is the worst too. When we went to Children's for Maren's MRI at 2 weeks old everyone wants to "look at the baby". We had an old lady look in at her in her car seat and smile then walk away. I watched her walk away and make this awful face to her husband. I could have tackled her I was so angry. I definitely understand and feel the frustration. You're not a lone and it's nice to know I'm not either.

    1. Welcome to our blog, Jessica! Yes, there have been times when I could have punched some people. And it seems the older they are, the worse they are!! And at the hospital of all places. I just don't get it. But like you say, at least we aren't alone.