Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Week After...

Well, it's been 9 days since Keziah's surgery to remove a little part of her nevus around the bottom of her eye and up the side of her face. Just yesterday the steri-strips came off and we were able to finally see what Dr. Zuker did. It will still take the incisions and then scars a number of months to heal up, lighten in colour and blend in. But so far we are pleased with last week's results.

So, a week ago, this is how things looked. It was hard to see much of a difference due to the dried blood looking like her nevus:

About 5 days later, her eye was a bit swollen still, but she was feeling great!

It was also then that I saw some bruising. You can hardly tell in the picture, but all down in front of her ear around the tape, it was quite yellow for a day or so. She always bruises yellow - never any other colour.

But despite the bruising - she was still smiley!

And then finally, yesterday we took all the steri-strips off and tada!

I know, you are probably thinking - um, is there even a change?! A difference?!?! All that for what?! Well, let's pull up a picture to compare, and then maybe you will see it. Or not. Some have told me it's hard to tell because they never see her birth mark to begin with, so they really can't tell the changes, which is pretty cool. But here is a before:
*edit: you know what?! We just noticed something, comparing the next two pictures: Dr. Zuker also dealt with the very wide pink scar between her ear and hairline, pulling her hairline down towards her ear. Whaddya' know.....we didn't even notice till now! So you probably can't even see it, seeing as *we* didn't even notice!
And now:

Yes, there is still some under her eye, but Dr. Zuker didn't want to get it all now just in case it pulls the eye open. He said he will get it next time, once the skin has healed and relaxed again.

We are ever so proud of this girl - a girl who never had a single pain med since being in the Operating Room. That blows our mind. No Tylenol. No Advil. Nothing. She bounces back like there is no tomorrow. We are so thankful to God for that.

Her incisions seems to be healing well, which is good so she can go back to school next week again. Her brother sure has enjoyed her home again.....and she has enjoyed being at home as well. Maybe a little too much because she doesn't want to go back to school. But I know once she is back again, she'll like it.

Our next appointment is in November, where Dr. Zuker will check how things are healing, and then we plan the next (possibly last?!) step in this journey. Till then, take care and thanks for reading and traveling with us on this journey!!


  1. Thank you for sharing Keziah's journey. My 4th child was born with CMN on her forehead and into the scalp. We just had her expanders removed and her first surgery. Before her expanders and this surgery. I had so many questions and came upon this blog. What a blessing!!! Thank you again.

    1. Hi Angela, I am so glad this blog was helpful for you! If you would like, email me and I can link you up to some support groups that also have been very good. I hope all is going well for your daughter and that recovery goes smoothly for her (and for you!! :o)