Saturday, September 28, 2013

We Got a Call!!!

So it's been well over a month since the last update of "waiting for a surgery date". These last number of weeks have gone by swiftly and we were granted the patience needed as we waited to hear back from Dr. Zuker. The last time we chatted with him, he told us he was still doing some research into the 'balding from the nevus', and told us it'll be some time before he gets back to us because of it being summer holidays.

We figured the next time we heard from him would be an email to let us know the results of his research, and we would go from there. So you can imagine the surprise we got when this past Wednesday we received a call from Sick Kids for a surgery date for 2 DAYS LATER!!! That's right. They had a cancellation on Friday and were wondering if we could have Keziah there by 7 in the morning to have her surgery of placing tissue expanders in her scalp.

I guess the call gives us the result of his research?!

My stomach hit the floor. Talk about no preparation at all, but that can be a good thing sometimes! Unfortunately we could not take up this opportunity as Nathan will be out of town a few days after surgery. I know others can do this without their partner, but I cannot. If we go by last time she had expanders placed in, she stayed overnight one night and then sent home. That would have been today. And Monday Nathan leaves. I just couldn't wrap my mind around this. So we said 'no'. :o(

It sure was weird yesterday though, thinking about it off and on, what "could have been" on that very day. But it was not to be. Sometimes I struggle with whether I made the right decision or not. If we start now, we could be done by Christmas!!! But it is what it is. They said they would call us again if there is a cancellation, or they would call us with an actual surgery date.

But that's what surprises us.....we don't even have an actual surgery date, yet we got a call for a cancellation date. Is that normal? So I guess we should be prepared that this surgery really can happen anytime from now.

I did send Dr. Zuker an email after the call, asking if he could give us the results of his research before we go ahead with surgery. We want to know what he has found out.

So we continue to sit tight, not knowing when all of this will take place. Sure is comforting to know we can rest in the knowledge that this is all in God's hands. And we continue to pray for wisdom as sudden decisions may need to be made.

As you can tell by her ketch-uppy smile, she has had no clue as to what could have transpired this past week. Ah, the life of a four year old, where the biggest decision to make is what to play with, Polly Pockets or Littlest Pet Shops. :o)


  1. Good to hear what is happening with you all! Aunt C,

  2. Don't let 'what-ifs' and doubt suck the positive feeling of hopeful anticipation out of you. Just remember that God placed both Keziah and Dr. Zuker in your life with a purpose. As believers we can expect all good from Him.

    Psalm 62:5
    5 My soul, wait silently for God alone,
    For my expectation is from Him.

  3. I'm a nevus mom. Would love to hear where he found research on the scalp and balding! How encouraging that you're making the right/better decision. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Emily,

      He emailed me back, saying he hopes to get her in by the end of the year. But he never did say anything about the research on balding. I assume he'll let us know the day of, when we meet him for surgery. I will then definitely let you know!!