Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fill #4

It's been a nice two week break from hospital visits, especially after having to make a number of unexpected visits, but off we went early this morning. Early as in leaving by 5:30. Yawn.

Nathan was unfortunately not able to come with us due to being out of town (actually, he was in Toronto for a landscape show. Yup, same city as Sick Kids. However, Toronto is BIG and he had commitments that he could not get out of).

So instead of Keziah's dad coming with us, my dad did :o). And who needs a Child Life Specialist when he comes with?!
I found something out about my dad that I never knew: he can colour. I always knew he was one of the best doodlers out there, but I don't think I have ever seen my dad colour. And I am sure if my siblings are reading this, they have fallen off their chairs. Dad? Colour?! He can actually sit still long enough to colour??!?! If you know my dad, you will know this would be a very hard thing to believe. You need proof, don't you. Yeah, I would too. So here it is:
And yes, he actually sat long enough to complete the task! Again, we are talking about the guy who sits long enough to gulp down a tea and then he is off again. I am sure if his teachers could see this, they would look up in the sky to see if pigs are flying :o)

Before Keziah went in, she had her vitals taken, including her blood pressure. In the first picture below, the nurse was telling Keziah that she was checking to see how strong she was, guessing that she was probably very strong. Keziah promptly told her that only God is the strongest. :o) Out of the mouth of babes.

We found out about 1/2 an hour later that we would not be seeing Dr. Zuker due to the fact that he is still stuck in Florida because of the backlog of flights, thanks to the weather. Thankfully Dr. Zuker called another surgeon last night and told him all about Keziah and so they were ready for her.

Keziah went in and was put out with just laughing gas. The anesthesiologist said he used so little it would not even put an adult to sleep. Not even 10 minutes later, the drain was out (yahoo!!!) and another 40 ccs were added to her top bubble.

Keziah woke up very quickly, stating that she didn't sleep long enough :o) She was quite happy as she came to.

 She asked if she could listen to her heart. She quite liked that!

The nurses are just so fantastic! Keziah loves them all!!

Things went so quickly at the hospital that we could leave nice and early. So early in fact that we couldn't even make left hand turns due to the city stoplight rules (no left hand turns between 6:30-9:30). That, my friends, is amazing!! I don't thing we've ever been in and out of there so quick!

We came back home to this cheesy blue-eyed monkey (thanks, mom, for being here nice and early to look after him!)

And so, here are the results of her fill:

 (no drain in the above picture!!)

Her bubble isn't too noticeable but it does depend on the lighting and how her hair falls. Below, you will see that the bubble is definitely there. However, still not too bad. But remember, this is 205 ccs. We have 475 ccs to go yet.

So proud of her! She likes her bubble but she told me tonight she is worried that her cousin will think she is now 5 because she is getting tall quickly. She does not like to be 5. Not sure exactly why but if I think of her very particular personality, it makes sense. She is 4 and never pretends otherwise because that just isn't right in her eyes. :o)

Thanks again for reading!!


  1. Your Mom looked after Lincoln while you looked after your Dad...
    So thankful that this is going so well now.

  2. What a neat little kid Keziah is! I love her spirit! She's right about getting tall very quickly. That's just what it looks like! Aunt C.

  3. Wow, what a trooper! Thanks for sharing Michelle - we will keep your family in our prayers. I am so thankful for our healthcare and this journey is just one more example of the blessings that surround us!