Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It is now later in the afternoon. Keziah's surgery went well - taking 5 hours. Most of her freckle has been removed from her scalp except a smaller section behind her ear. Dr. Zuker did not get anything off by her eye and temple area due to swelling. He was not comfortable to fiddle with that with the swelling and chose to wait until next time. We are thankful for this - we'd rather a cautious surgeon than an overzealous one! :o)

Keziah is now resting up and handling things very well. If this keeps up, then hopefully/maybe we can go home tomorrow.

Once home and settled, I will update the blog, which will include some pictures.

Thanks so much for the many prayers, thoughts and support shown!!

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  1. thanks for the update! I've been checking almost every hour wondering how things went. Keziah- we hope your recovery goes well.
    Love, aunt Jenn, Uncle Jay and the kids here