Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good-bye Drain! Good-bye Weekly Appointments!!

Yesterday, Tuesday,  March 18th, we once again woke up early and nosed our way back to Toronto. I do believe we could put our car on auto pilot now. It has pretty much been trained to go that way. Well, it'll have to be untrained as we don't have to go back until June! Yay!! That's 3 months from now!!! We have been going to Toronto weekly since November. And now, no more. We are so thankful!

But back to yesterday - the day to say good-bye to her drain. Keziah was a little nervous as she knew she had to put on the mask to help her fall asleep. She despises the mask and the smells that come from it to knock her out. But she did it!! It was the first time I was there with her. She stated this for the last few days, that she would like me to be in the "sleeping room" with her.

Man, if you've never seen your child be put to sleep or watch them come out of it, wow. It is quite something. Thankfully that while this was the first time for me with her, it was not the first time overall. Years ago, I was with my niece (Hi, Robin!!:o) who was 5 or 6 at the time, and she had to be put to sleep. So I have seen it before. But yeah, it isn't the most fun thing to be a part of. Especially when your child is foaming at the mouth, jerking all over the place and looking like she is gasping for breath.

But, 10 minutes later and she was already eating a freezie. It was an orange one because as I found out, "It's the colour of Winnie the Pooh." Oh. I always find it so neat to know what's going on in their little minds and what makes them choose particular things :o)

Nurse Steve helping Keziah as she was still feeling a bit wobbly:

Because we were done so early (by 8:30 am), we thought we'd hang around the hospital a bit longer so that we weren't sitting in traffic to go home. So time was well spent in the play room, much to the delight of this 4 year old!

And then we enjoyed breakfast together:

Just before we went home, we paid a visit to our very special friend, Ms Valentina. She was pleasantly surprised to see us, but had a bunch of beautiful pink bravery beads ready for Keziah. After big hugs, we said our good byes and off we went, back home to relieve Oma from this rascal :o)

And so, here she is, 2 weeks post surgery. She is healing up nicely. Her hair is coming in where it was shaved. There are a few open spots, but Dr. Zuker was not concerned:

Her incisions:

Yup! She is looking great!!

And still has whacks of hair! Here it is all in a pony tail.

As I stated at the beginning, we won't be back until June. This will be a follow-up, as well as setting something in place to deal with under and beside her eye. Her eyebrow will be last, which he figures he won't touch until next year.

So that means, other than a post or two before June, this will be the last one for awhile. I do have another blog that you are more than welcome to read, but it is not about her birthmark; it is just our family blog. If interested, you can find it here: Helder Happenings.

Keziah would like to thank you for all the love that has been shown to her by you. We would also like to thank you for the many different ways in which you showed your support. I am so thankful I started this blog 2 years ago, not only to keep everyone updated, but through the blog, we have "met" many individuals and families that have a nevus owner. There are plans in the works to have a gathering in Ohio sometime in July or August that we plan to attend. We look so forward to this!!

Above all, we praise God for watching over His little lamb the last 2 years on this journey. We have seen His protection time and time again, which continues to humble us and be filled with gratitude.

So if nothing happens from now until June, this blog will be fairly quiet. Thanks again so much for reading, and the Star of the Blog says Good-Bye (for now!)

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  1. Wow!. The results are remarkable! Dr. Zuker and his team were certainly blessed in their endeavor and God surely prospered your way, to and from the hospital and recovering Lincoln from wherever he was, and with giving Keziah such a pleasant, grateful, spirit! So many aspects under his direction! And he works all things for good. Also as an educational tool through this blog, to helping us understand the emotions a family goes through, coming to terms with diagnosis, making decisions, the cost in time in undergoing procedures, and, last but not least, making nevus issues less of a mystery.Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us in and experiencing in a small way your journey! Aunt C.