Friday, June 29, 2012


We just met with Dr. Zuker, and she's done. Things went very well that he pretty much got all of it off her face!!! The birthmark is gone except for a part in her eyebrow. We haven't seen her yet. Believe it or not, we are nervous as we have never seen her face without her freckle. Her face with the freckle is all we know and now to think it is actually gone is something we are trying to process right now. It'll help once we get to see her. It feels like the first time we heard she was born and we just couldn't wait to meet her. It is a hard feeling to describe.

As He has been with us all through the day, so God will continue to be with us. Praise God for guiding the hands of the doctors and for making all things well. We also thank Him for all of you, as you have continued to pray for our family.


  1. That's wonderful news Michelle! We will continue to pray that her recovery goes well. I will tell Oma.

  2. So thankful that it went well. Praise God!! Give her a big hug from us!!!

  3. Yay! The Lord has answered many prayers. Even I was starting to get anxious though...but I was also hoping that it was taking long because they were trying to get as much off as possible. Lincoln is doing great - still coughing but smiling!

  4. An unexpected, extra special blessing!!! I have goosebumps!! Praying for a speedy recovery......
    Trev and Alison and kids

  5. Hello Michelle
    We are very happy to see everything went well and better than expected:). We've been thinking in Kez all day and waiting to see your post. So happy for all your family. We'll keep in touch
    Delia y Carlos

  6. So wonderful to hear such overwhelmingly good news!
    I kept hoping that that was what was taking them so much longer; that they had the unforeseen possibility of doing more than they'd expected.
    Rejoicing with you all...


  7. So good to hear! The answer we had hoped for! And now to wait for healing and getting used to her new face with the same sparkle and grin! Aunt C

  8. AMAZING!!! Praising God with you!