Monday, August 20, 2012

Mr. Lincoln

It has been awhile again, since I've written about Lincoln. This boy keeps growing and changing overnight!!! It has been a fun few weeks as we've been watching him learn to crawl. I know a child learning to crawl is not always looked at as a big deal, but I just can't help but be amazed when I see it all coming together. It is so fun to see that after learning a new stage, the next one develops. For example, a number of weeks ago, he learned to pull his legs up and under him, which had him rocking back and forth. After a few days of that, he learned to pull his legs up and then move one leg forward at a time, which resulted in plenty of faceplants as he hadn't figured out how to move his arms. Not giving up, he would pop back up into the rocking position and then tentatively lift up his right arm, moving it 5 mm forward, and then flop down. After doing that for awhile, he has now figured out how to move his left arm and now he is everywhere!! It's so funny because he wants to move fast and get places but the harder he tries, the more "out of control" he is! And then he gets frustrated! Ahhh, lots of fun!! Life is sure to be interesting now with a 7 month old going places! Dear Keziah has no idea what's ahead for her. I do believe their relationship will go through a rough patch now that he can get into her stuff! :o) The joys of siblings!

I know, I know. Enough words already!! Let's get on with the pictures!
Someone's been watching the gymnastics during Olympics!

He will find the tag on anything and be happy for hours!

"Yes? What do you want?"

Lincoln LOVES his bed and spends many hours in it. I just love sleeping baby pictures.

Having fun in the tub! He loves water and by the time his bath is done, I've had a shower and my bathroom is clean! :o)

I could just squish this child

The men in my life. As you can see, Lincoln takes his role very seriously!

Having fun with mom!
"Thanks, Aunt Jenn, for my outfit! I like how it brings out the blue in my eyes." :o)

Time to dust off the play yard to keep this explorer contained somewhat.

Last week we were away camping, hence a quiet blog. Any guesses as to how many pictures I took?! Once I go through the pictures and bring the number down to a manageable one, I will post about it :o)

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