Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to Regular Programming.....

After a number of posts that really didn't have anything to do with the reason this blog was set up, we are back to a post that is about Keziah and her birthmark. We are nearing Keziah's appointment at Toronto Sick Kids, which is to take place this Monday, September 24th.

As you can tell by my last number of posts since the removal of her birthmark, we've had an enjoyable 3 months filled with time with family and friends, as well as spending time just the 4 of us.
(having fun with cousin Conall, two peas in a pod!)

When this whole "removal" phase started, we never dreamed that we would have the summer that we did!! Everything has gone and continues to go so well. Although there was an accident where her incision split open in places, that also healed up quickly. Every now and then a tiny little spot will open, get crusty and then close again. So we keep the Polysporin handy, as well as praising God continually for His blessing on her.
(last week while camping, she did get two mosquito bites on her skin graft. It got bumpy and pusy but then that was it. She still has the birthmark down in front of her ear, hence the thick hair growth. It was cut short for surgery but now we are growing it out to be pulled back with the rest of her hair. So for now she has quite the sideburn :o).

The skin graft is sometimes quite pink and other times it blends right in with the rest of her skin. Her scar down and especially around her ear is still quite pink. Dr. Zuker said this is to be expected for up to 8 months or so.

On Monday, we start talking of the next stage, which is what to do with what is left on her face.

We will be discussing her eyebrow and the ways in which to remove it. At first I didn't think we would be removing it because really, what was there before was so much larger! What was left looked so miniscule!

Over time though, we've realized that what is left above her eye also needs to go. Never have we been asked so much about her face as we do now!! I know, crazy eh?! But understandable. With just the birthmark, people stared, pointed and sometimes asked. With the birthmark and expanders, people didn't know where to look, how to speak or handle what they were seeing. But now? Daily we are asked (or she is asked) "What happened to your eyebrow?" or "Oh my, that is quite the owie!" or "Did you fall?" or "How did she manage to get such a black eye?". Everywhere we go, questions are posed at us. The difference from the questions that were asked before? All of these questions are asked in a very sincere and genuine tone. Every single one of them. That is so nice.

And so we look forward to Monday as we plan for the future. We will fill you in as to what and when the next procedures will start. It'll be different this time because Keziah is 1/2 a year older. For grown-ups (or those that are supposed to be :o), 1/2 a year isn't much of a difference. For little ones, it is a big difference!! Even in Keziah's eyes, 1/2 a year is so long ago!! So long that the other day she says in a very expressive voice (no idea where THAT comes from :o)

"When I was a tiiiiiiiiiinnnnnny little baby, the doctor blowed up my cheek."

We pray (and ask that you pray) that Monday may go smoothly for her and that she is not afraid. We also ask that you pray for us, her parents, that we may continue to receive wisdom from God in making the right choices in what to do next for the little girl He has placed with us. Thank you!!!!!


  1. You know as I am reading the post and you write about the part above her eye and I couldnt see it, then read further about comments people make and so I look back at her photo properly, comparing both eye brows and then I see it. I only saw how much of the birthmark is gone, not how much is still there, compared to her right brow.
    All the best to you and your smiley girl

  2. All the best for've come soooo far and have been so blessed; we will pray that the future will go just as smoothly! She's just so cute Michelle! Hope to see you soon!
    Alison (and Trev!)

  3. Love this little girl and her smile. And, yes, I do see that the eyebrow needs to go. So nice that the reactions to it are at least normal! Will be thinking about and praying for you all! Aunt C.