Friday, December 27, 2013

Updates from the Last Days - Part One

Well, our internet is up and running, so that means I can give you a picture update as well as a few more details of what has all taken place the last few days. It'll be a few posts to keep it from being one very long post.

Just a quick recap - this all started last week Monday, when her and Lincoln bonked heads, which split open her top incision. While cleaning that up, that is when I noticed her bottom incision was crusted over with pus. A few days later, the top incision healed up quickly, however the bottom incision became worse as the week went on. By Friday night, it was seeping a ton of pus, which resulted in calling the hospital and making a visit Saturday morning.

On Saturday she was put on antibiotics. By Monday morning, I could see a tiny hole in the incision, which meant another trip to Sick Kids. We were seen by Dr. Bains again, who had a good look at it, but sent us home telling us to come back in if we start seeing the expander through the hole.

Sure enough, Tuesday morning, we thought we could see and feel the expander poking through the hole. We thought to leave it for the day, just to make sure. By Tuesday night (Christmas Eve), there was no question about it - it most definitely was the expander. I emailed Dr. Zuker that evening to let him know. I then called the hospital. While on hold, I get a 'call waiting' signal, and it was Dr. Zuker!!! He called as soon as he got my email! He wanted her in right away, but she just had supper. For surgery to take place, she'd have to wait 8 hours. So we made plans to come the next day to see him for surgery at 9 in the morning, Christmas Day.

As a side note, have I mentioned that my husband is in the snow clearing business?! So you can imagine how the last 12 days have been for him. We had a snowstorm two days before the "Bonking of Heads", and then an ice storm this past weekend. So not only was it stressful at the home-front, he had a business to run through all this weather we've been getting. Oh, and our car broke down during the snowstorm and we lost hydro for 26 hours during the ice storm, which is not great when you have a sump pump (some of our church members are just getting power now, 6 days after the storm).

So while we lost trees, tree limbs, our power and internet connection (which was very difficult with a business to run), we packed up our things, sent Lincoln to friends and headed to the hospital. And you know what? Despite it being Christmas Day, and we knew we would be dealing with a setback in the removal of the back scalp expander, we went in great peace and relief. This peace could only have been sent by God. And we felt His nearness all through the day. What a blessing.

To be cont'd.

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