Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fill #10

You may recall that last week, Keziah went to her Fill feeling a little under the weather. Not this time!!! You can't NOT see that sparkle in her eyes - almost looking somewhat mischievous!

We were excited to go today as we would see Dr. Zuker. We haven't seen him in almost a month (3 fills without him). He was quite pleased with her bubble and how well things looked. He was also able to get another 60 ccs in today, which has the left the bubble very tight right now. By Saturday, it won't be so tight anymore as the skin has stretched and grown.

And here are the results:

Dr. Zuker does want to do one more fill so we will be back next Thursday for the last fill. Keziah's excited she has only one more fill to go!

Today's gift was a candy frog and Olivia books.

And so we are nearing the end. Two weeks from now the surgery will hopefully have taken place, God willing. We are eager to have this all behind us. The larger the bubble gets, the more concerned we are with it popping. Her and her brother constantly play close together, which is a good thing, but that means they bonk heads. Right now it is so tight that it seems like all they need to do is horse around and oops, a knee or elbow bonks her head and there it pops! We find ourselves saying "Keziah, watch your bubble" as much as we say "Lincoln, out of the cupboards, it's not snack time." :o)

But we are having fun with her bubble, too. The other day, Keziah was standing in the sunlight, which made her bubble glow pink.

Keziah was absolutely thrilled with having a *pink* bubble. Yup, she's a girl through and through.

We praise God for keeping her healthy this last week. While she was very tired for a few days, last Thursday seemed to be her only off day. We pray for continued health for her as we near the end. I am down and out with it now, but I am glad for being sick this week which means I'll be healthy by the time she has surgery (hopefully).

Thanks for reading! "See" you next week!


  1. So glad this fill went well! We were thinking of you today, esp. during the hockey game!!

  2. I can't get over with how cheerful Keziah is about it! (I know, you aren't going to post the crying ones; but she does have such a cheerful face!) And I also can't get over how huge it is getting to be! Ans she is still beautiful!

  3. Yeah!! Almost there! Dylan was asking me yesterday if Keziah could come over. He never forgets to pray for her. It's so cute!