Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fill #11

Another week done, another fill completed. But more importantly - today was THE LAST FILL for this round. Yay!!!! This is always so exciting, which is met with relief: yes, we made it! While there was a brief setback with having to take out the one back scalp expander, we are ever so thankful that things kept going well with the top expander.

And so this morning, back to Toronto we went for her last fill. It seems to us as well that every week we drove to Sick Kids since November 19th, God blessed us with His presence through the sunrise - a pink one almost every time.

Keziah has touched a lot of people's lives at the hospital, from the nurses, to the volunteers, to even the office administrators. Here she is with Ms. Valentina, the office administrator we see to check in and whose heart Keziah has captured.

Keziah doesn't always know how to accept all the love that is showered on her, but looks forward to making a visit to her every time, even making a picture for Ms. Valentina, which is hanging up in her office. Keziah is a princess in Ms. Valentina's eyes. It is a must that once the fill is done, we see her again so she can give Keziah  her bravery beads and a few extra special beads chosen especially by Ms. Valentina for Keziah. After today, we won't see Ms. Valentina every week anymore, and not until a post op visit a few months from now. That meant a big good-bye hug was needed!! No matter how busy she is, Ms. Valentina has time for Kez. It's people like that, that make this whole journey an easier one.

Today, Dr. Zuker was able to get in 40 more ccs, so here is the final tally:

And this is how Keziah feels about the fact that this was the last time:

We've told her what is coming in 5 nights sleeping and so far she is very okay with it. The next time we drive to Toronto will be on Tuesday, to be there for 6 in the morning. Yawn. But we are soooo looking forward to getting this surgery done. Dr. Zuker figures she'll be under for 4 hours or so. Her last removal took 7 hours, so 4 hours is definitely doable - waiting wise. He mentioned that he also would like to remove a bit from under her eye and all by her temple. You can see what he means in the picture above where she is looking to the side. But he said it all depends on how badly she swells from the big removal of her scalp. As for the eyebrow and the rest around her eye, he figures next year, which will give what is done now plenty of time to heal. It all has to be healed and settled before we touch the eye or else distortion becomes a great risk.

We have so much to be thankful to God for once again as we are in the home stretch:
  • once again we were blessed with travelling mercies. As soon as we got home, whiteout conditions happened due to some very gusty winds and blowing snow. This has happened so often this winter - that it all happens either the day before, or once we are home, yet when we drive, the sky is as clear as can be
  • Keziah has remained healthy, despite everyone in her family being sick. We pray this health remains for the next 5 days
  • that despite not loving the fills and expressing this every time a fill was about to happen, this girl toughed it out every.single.time. My heart bursts with pride for this amazing brave little girl that we have been blessed with
  • that her bubble is healthy, no leaking, breakage or infection
  • for those who have looked after our little man, including my mom, who had him once again today
  •  for the many who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers.
I will update next week with how everything is going as we prepare for surgery, go through surgery and recovery.

Thanks again for reading and commenting (either here or via email/facebook). I save every one of them for her book about this whole journey that she'll have for later in life, to show her how many people cared and prayed for her, which will in turn help her to see how much we can do for others. Thanks, again.

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  1. Wow, Lincoln is getting to be SUCH a big boy!
    Yay for the end of the fills! And she was SUCH a trooper! We are looking forward to see what Dr. Zuker will achieve next week. Way to go, Keziah!