Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fill #9

The day after her fill last time, we packed up and headed to Ottawa until Wednesday (yesterday). It was fun to get away for a bit and we had a great time. Keziah enjoyed the swimming the most. Can you tell?!

Someone asked us before we left whether the water in her bubble would freeze if being out in the very cold. Ha! Never thought of that before! But no, it will not freeze. It is saline water and her body temperature keeps it from freezing.

We came back yesterday in time to go back to the hospital today for another fill. I noticed that when I woke her up, she was a bit peakish - looking pale. All the way to the hospital she complained of being cold. Oh-oh. We did still do a fill, hopefully that is okay. We came home and she went to bed and slept for 4 hours. But she is clearly not well, coughing, fever and sore throat. No surprise, seeing as her brother has been unwell now for a week. Hopefully she kicks this and it does not complicate anything.

Today's fill went very well again. Here she is with her present:

And here are the results of Fill #9:

Despite not feeling well, she can still pull out a beautiful smile:

My, oh my, that bubble is sure getting big! Even though we've been through this before, it still boggles our minds how that skin can stretch. Unbelievable. But it is looking good! We see Dr. Zuker next Thursday, first time in over 3 weeks, as he was gone to India. Next Thursday may be our last fill, but he may want to fit one more fill in there before surgery. There is definitely room as the bubble can be stretched to 680 ccs (and then some). We are 235 ccs away from that goal. But we are getting there!! Surgery is booked for March 4th.

And not to be forgotten, while taking pictures of Keziah, I hear "Me, too! Me, too!", and so I complied. I didn't think you would mind. Looking at it now, it almost looks like his mug shot! :o)
(I should have erased the numbers on the whiteboard and put these words: I am a big boy now! No more diapers!!!)
So yes, as you can see we are having our own Olympics here and two gold medals have been handed out so far:  one to a very brave girl, and one to a very big boy.
Please pray for Keziah's health, that having fevers etc. will not set her back. Please also thank the Lord with us for another fill day of safe travels to the hospital and back.
I hope you are all doing well and have a great week yet! Thanks for reading!!

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  1. What a great post! Other than the threat of fevers. That bubble is getting huge! You should measure her height before the bubble is removed. she is going to be the only kid we know that can boast of having grown taller and then shorter! And hurray for diaperless Lincoln! Even if his Grandma protested that he was supposed to stay her baby for a while! ;)