Friday, April 27, 2012

It's me again....

Hi all. It's just me again. Don't worry, I don't have plans to sabotage my sister's blog too often, but sometimes I'd like to share with you about my day. You see, it was MY turn to have a visit with the doctor. Let me tell you how it all went.

First, my mom woke me up this morning. Yes, I always wake up this happy!

Then I listened carefully to my mom as she told me that the tables were turning and that this time I get to be with her and it is Keziah that will be dropped off at a friend's. I listen very intently as you can tell:

I was so excited!!! I couldn't believe that it was finally MY turn to be with just mom and to visit the doctor! I couldn't wait to see what a doctor was all about! It MUST be exciting, seeing as my sister gets to go all the time! My mom packed me up in my car seat, and off we went!

Well, my excitement didn't last too long. I figured out that the doctor is NOT a place I want to go! Do you know what she did to me??! She HURT me! Yeah, that's right and not only once, but twice!! In my legs!! Oh, I was not too happy about that, but I had to be a man about it and so I didn't cry too long.

The good thing about the doctor was that she weighed me. Oh yay!! My sister better watch out because I am half her weight!!! I am now 15 lbs 13.5 oz at almost 4 months! You don't believe me, do you? Do you need proof??!
I know, I know!! Look at those legs! I am so proud of them! My mom goes through a box of Cornstarch after all my baths! I fool people too with my size because my head is little. But then they pick me up thinking they are picking up some cute little baby. Nope!! They are picking up a tank!! I'm a boy and so I am proud of that!!

So today's lesson for me was I am now fine again for my sister to go with mom to the doctor's. I don't really want to go again. I'd much prefer to be the one dropped off so I can hang out with my buddies. Besides, I've heard lots of people are fighting over who will have me every Wednesday, and really, look at me, can you blame them?


  1. oh you are a cutie pie and I can't wait to meet you Lincoln, I hope that your mom picks you up before I come over! Diane H

  2. LOL! HIlarious! Coosje

  3. So cute!! And I LLLLOOOVVVEEEE finger sucking babies. :) Give him a big hug from me!

  4. Heehee, what a chunker, and a cute one too!

  5. Thanks for the chuckles, Michelle. ...and he is cute!!

  6. That's my Ned! And I'm going to need the names of those other people....:)

  7. Very cute, Michelle!! He's sure a healthy and happy little man!
    Rich and Cynthia

  8. Hi Michelle, I have been looking through your blog at your beautiful little blessings and what you are going through with your little lady, Keziah. I was looking for an email address so I could send you a message, but could be missing it. Could you please send me an email at (O: