Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fill #6

After last week's fill, Keziah had a hard time opening her mouth up wide for food. Much to her delight, she had something that she absolutely loves! Shakes!! Thankfully after a few days, her mouth felt better so she could enjoy a summer favourite of hers.
A sure sign of summer....watermelon juice dripping everywhere!

On Tuesdays, we not only spend time preparing her for what's coming the next day, she also gets to pack up her froggie backpack with whatever will fit in there. Yup! It's full!

This time she filled it with books, her bravery beads, a shell, a dog from Kate, Patches and her blanket.

Despite it being quite the event every week, she is always VERY excited to go back to the "hosible". We are so thankful for this!

So on our way we went again. Even before we got to the highway, though, somebody, ahem, committed a safety traffic infraction. Did you know that going 83 km/hr in a 60 zone is speeding??! Who knew?! And so we prepared ourselves for sitting on the side of the road for awhile. The policeman had other plans. As soon as he heard where we were going, he gave back the license and said "Have a good day, sir, and please keep our roads safe." (now you know it wasn't ME driving! :o)

At the hospital, Shaindy was there again, with a bag full of tricks. Keziah LOVES these little wind-up toy thingees.

Keziah was introduced to Herman this week! Herman likes to eat bubbles!!

Everything went very well beforehand. And then, the doctor walked in. Yeah. Not so well anymore. Keziah had an absolute fit. I am so not used to hearing her scream and cry like that. I am so thankful for thinking ahead by putting Kleenexes in my pocket. It is so hard. It took Nathan and I, Shaindy and another doctor to hold her still. It's not that it hurts her, it's the "holding still" part that freaks her out. But we have to hold her tight or else she'll rip the needles out, like she tried the few times I loosened my grip.

It is hard, especially because we worked on preparing her for everything the days leading up to Wednesdays. It is hard not to think "what did I not go over with her?" or "are we not preparing her enough?". When she flips out like that, I have to fight the urge to think that I failed her in some way by not helping her in her anxiety. We are so thankful for Shaindy who, through working with Kez, makes us feel that it is not up to us to distract her during the procedures. It just relieves the pressure off of us in that way so we can concentrate on comforting her.

Once the procedures were over, with 17 cc's in the cheek and another 30 in the forehead, Keziah was excited to get some chocolate milk. Good thing Daddy went to buy it because Mommy sure wouldn't think to buy something like this!!!

The poor gingerbread man didn't stand a chance in her hands!
(see her cheek is quite red? And if she is sitting in the light, the cheek and forehead actually look like they are "glowing". Light travels through them! I know, pretty freaky yet cool all in one.)

So here are the results after 6 fills:
Our brave little trooper! We are so proud of her!

Our next fill-up will be on Monday, June 4th, where they will leave the cheek alone and just fill up the forehead. The cheek will need about one more fill, but the forehead can stretch yet quite a bit more. Surgery is booked for Friday, June 29th. So we DO get to go away for the long weekend.....just not your typical long weekend getaway :o)

We know so many of you are praying for us and we are thankful. We ask that you pray for us, her parents, that we may be strong for her during the procedures. They are so exhausting. We also ask that you would pray for Kez, that she may still remain excited to go to the hospital and that her anxiety level will not go any higher than it is during the procedures (not sure if it can get any higher, but I'd rather not find out). Thank you all for remembering us!! We hope this blog is doing what it's supposed to be doing, keeping you informed and updated. Thank you for reading it!


  1. I'm quite certain you are doing everything you can to prepare Kez. God will not burden you with something you cannot bear! You are both strong, wonderful parents and Kez is so lucky to have you! We will continue to pray for you all!

  2. Michelle, you are both so brave! You cannot take away all fear and pain from your children (as much as we would like to!). Watching your child suffer is probably one of the most difficult things to witness. We pray for you both that you may have continued courage and patience! Your are being surrounded and carried by the prayers of many. Thanks for posting these well-written updates!

    John and Diane

  3. Oh Michelle and Nathan every time I see her face and as it grows I cry! She is such a brave and beautiful girl and as her parents you too along with Keziah are being held before the Lord in prayer. Strength and courage to you all.

  4. Dearest Michelle and Nathan ...just want you to know that we continue to think of you and pray for you all. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to see your daughter in such fear and mental anguish ... and the teacher in you supposing you could have maybe prepared her better ... though not being sure how ...
    We praise the Lord that He is with us in all our trials and that Keziah has the opportunity to learn this too. Glad to see she 'recovered' so well. This blog 'albumn' will be such a witness to God's faithfulness, especially for her when she's older!
    Chris and Joanna deBoer and kiddos

  5. Ouch! It looks so sore! Brave, brave Keziah! And brave Mum. and Dad too. For her it seems that once it's over it's over but for you - not so much. Blessings and strength from God for you all. Aunty Coosje

  6. Not sure if there is anything more difficult for parents than to see their little ones in pain or anxious and then, to not be able to do more than you have already, lovingly, done to alleviate their fear. At the same time it must be somewhat of a relief to have the final fill-up sooner than first expected. Yes, your blog is definitely helping many of us to stay updated so that we can also continue to remember all of you in our prayers. May the Lord continue to be your Strength in whom you trust during the days and weeks ahead.
    Tim and Elly and family

  7. Your blog certainly helps us understand what the doctors are all doing and at least you won't have to explain the whole thing each time to a million people who ask! It is also a good reminder for us all to continue to remember you in our prayers. certainly a very difficult thing to go through! God is certainly equipping you both as parents to do such a good job of helping Keziah through it. May He continue to give you all what you need through maybe the most difficult part yet! Jay and wilma

  8. It hurts to see our children hurt and I can't imagine how difficult Wednesdays must be fore you. May God grant you extra measures of strength and courage.
    ~marcia w.
    Only dads think of gingerbread cookies! :)

  9. Continuing to think of you and pray for you!
    Rich and Cynthia

  10. Praying for strength for you all! Ernie and Jane

  11. Erin loves checking out the blog with me.
    The thing I find so neat is that Erin never has mentioned anything about the expansions; she's busy noticing all those other things that a three-year-old would consider important that she has a different car seat seat from her own, Kez's cool giraffe that's a little the same and a little different from her own, "oh oh, she's spilling, Mom...", and, of course, the classic Dad indulgence of That Cookie.

    I'm thankful that God led you to have this procedure done at this young age, and we continue to hold you in prayer, that God will continue to bless the work being done on all sides.

  12. We continue to uphold you in prayer. You are such a good mom, Michelle!! Love you!

  13. Thanks for the updates Michelle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    In Christain love: Ben&Anita