Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where did she go?

Last week, I was pretty certain I had a 2.5 year old daughter. This week, however, I am not so sure. That 2.5 year old little girl suddenly jumped to looking and acting like she is 16 3. Maybe it's the hair cut she got....

...or maybe it's because she can now ride a three-wheeler (her bike with the "stairs" as she likes to call it :o) everywhere....

....or possibly it's because she is doing her hardest to learn how to skip.

But it became VERY obvious to me that she is growing up when she told me to "get out of the bathroom, mom, I need my 'piracy'".

Yes, she is definitely growing up and we feel so blessed to watch her through every stage and development!


  1. Hi: She is a beautiful little/big:) girl who is very brave and blessed. May you as a family receive God's love and strength day to day as you move forward with Keziah's treatments.Praying for the desired results!
    In Christian love: Ben & Anita

  2. Erin noticed Kez's hair cut as soon as she saw her yesterday.
    Maybe Erin's the aging inflence; they played all afternoon yesterday, and yeah, Erin's three already. With experience...