Monday, July 23, 2012

Ahhhh! Appointment-free Summer!

When we started the process of removing her birthmark, we were preparing to be housebound and appointment-tied most of the summer, with surgery being late July or early August. But thankfully, because the filling up went so well and her skin stretched so nicely, surgery was bumped up (or is it back?) to the end of June. Now that everything is healing so well, we have been able to enjoy a summer we wouldn't think we would have: appointment free! We are so thankful.

Just over 1.5 weeks ago, her skin graft was "revealed" looking like this

Since then, all that scabby looking brown skin has come off and has left behind very pink, fresh looking skin:

Her surgeon mentioned that I could put Vitamin E on her incisions and skin graft to help with the scarring, but after a few days of that I noticed it was leaving her skin very "pimply" and rashy looking. And so we've stopped using Vit. E. and are now trying a different lotion. I've read somewhere that it's not actually any lotion or oil that helps the scars, but the massaging done when putting the stuff on is what does it. So we'll see.

With no appointments, we've been able to fill our days with other activities, starting off with sleeping in:
and being wakened up by a younger sibling:

Keziah is now allowed to swim and so we are in the pool almost every day, which has been so nice as the weather has continued to be quite warm.
(notice we've gone from water wings, life jacket, blue ring and noodle down to just a life jacket? :o)

Now that she can swim, we can have people over to enjoy the pool with us!
(these two were inseparable and it is so handy that Kathryn is 2.5 years older than Kez. Makes my life a lot easier! I don't think I did a thing for her the whole time Kathryn was over!!)

"You ARE going to catch me, right Uncle Jay??" Yeah, I am not so sure I would trust him either, Kez. :o)

And if we aren't swimming, we are loving the a/c in the house. With the humidity being the way it has been so far, we are thankful for the blessings of a pool and a/c. I must say though, despite the a/c in the house, my heart continues to melt when I see moments like these, of her reading to her brother. And if her brother isn't a willing participant, there is always her doll!

If the pool pictures haven't told you it has been warm, sunny and very summery, maybe these next two pictures will:

So yes. We have been relishing our days, enjoying every moment of our freedom and spending lots of time together. We especially like it that we don't have to drop this monkey off anymore
                                           (any guesses as to what HE is doing??!)

and are able to spend some good quality time together. And who says the bonding isn't as good if your baby is bottlefed?? I see some serious bonding happening here!!
I'd post more but after seeing that above picture, I now better clean up the mess my heart just made on the floor as it has melted again. We hope you are also enjoying your summer!


  1. I am so glad that everything happened as it did and that you can now completely enjoy doing "summery things" still this summer. Keziah looks great! My favourite picture is the one where Keziah and Lincoln are hugging but Lincoln still managed to get his fingers in his mouth! LO

  2. I love the pictures, and like "LO" above, I love the one of Lincoln and Keziah hugging with L sucking his fingers. Too cute. Love the pictures, too, of Keziah reading. Great stuff!
    We are so pleased and so very thankful that everything has gone so well. Enjoy your summer and never stop being thankful. (I know you won't!)

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww, that last photo is so precious!!
    Keziah's blessed with her friendship with Kathryn...what a wonderful child she is! So kind!
    Lookin' good, Kez!! We hope and pray that all continues to go well!!

    ~Steph Visser

  4. Great pics! Don't you just love the bonds between older sisters and their little brothers? Many heart melting moments over here too :)
    p.s. I think Lincoln is filling his pants in the high chair pic...either that or he's dumping his food over the side. The look in his eyes is pretty intense :)