Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Evening in the Park

Such a simple thing really, to go to a park. It's something we've done before so what's the big deal? Is it really worth a blog post?? Well, let me tell you. The big deal is that we went to the park for a picnic and the park was packed with kids and their parents. And not once did a child ask what was on Keziah's face. Not once did they point and frown. Not once did they run away. Do you know this is the first time taking her out in her life that no one pointed, frowned, stared her down, ask or run away??! THAT'S the big deal about going somewhere simple like the park. And let me tell you, what an enjoyable time it was!!

Time with mom and dad:

And now comes an onslaught of pictures. The weather and "backdrop" was perfect, so I couldn't resist. There were so many great pictures of these two kiddies, that I had a hard time choosing which ones to post. So I posted a bit more than a few :o) I didn't think you would mind.

Fun on the swing!! Well, he did have fun. Maybe this picture doesn't convince you.
Maybe this one does?

He actually would rather just stare at all the goings on around him.
See who he is staring at?
(I still can't believe our family now takes up two baby swings at a park. Takes my breath away and makes me tearfully filled with joy.)

Despite a pump and drain hanging out of her as well as all kinds of stitches, this girl enjoyed the park a lot and wanted to try everything; anything to cause her mother's heart to fail.
This picture pretty much sums up our time together Sunday evening: chillin' with a full belly!
I tried to get some good "6 month" shots for Linc and "3 year old" (gasp) shots for Kez. I think it will be hard to choose which ones to develop! By all means, help me!! If you want to, let me know which one(s) you like and that will definitely make my decision easier. Here are Kez's pictures, numbered 1-6:
And I don't know what it is, but I love side profiles! I guess to me she just looks all innocent - HA!!!! This is the child that refused to say "Yes, Mom" after a "misbehaviour" spiel but instead said "I can't hear you, Mom." Yeah, innocent :o)

Here are Lincoln's pictures, numbered 1 - 6:

Hard to choose, eh, when you have such beautiful subjects. And I can say that as it's not like I am bragging about our own genetics here :o))

We now are preparing for tomorrow. Keziah will be knocked out again in order for the doctors to remove the drain and the gauze to see if the skin grafts "took". We are trying not to be concerned but to us it doesn't look right. We are worried that the skin has started to grow over the gauze. But who are we? Not doctors, that's for sure!! And so we leave it with the LORD, that if it is His will, the healing may continue to go well.

At this appointment we will also talk of "what's next" in this removal journey, specifically, what's in her eyebrow and around her eye. Oh, and Keziah is looking forward to asking Dr. Zuker her question: where did you put my freckle? She has asked me this a few times. I did suggest that maybe he gave it to a cheetah that needed more spots, but I told her we would ask the doctor. I personally don't want to know where it is right now, so for now we'll just leave it "on the cheetah". :o)


  1. Hahaha! You made me laugh so many times! Oh, about the shots? 4 and 3 respectively for Keziah and Lincoln. It was hard to choose; they are such beautiful kids! Your account of your visit to the park was very moving. I was waiting to hear about your first public outing. I don't think you showed as much as this time how awful it was for especially you to endure the negative reactions to Keziah's nevus.I take my hat off to you to wait till AFTER it is mostly over to show how bad it really was by showing the delight at its absence! How Christ-like! (Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.) Love, Aunt Coosje

  2. I love your "cheetah" answer. How you come up with something so quickly amazes me. It will be interesting to hear what Dr. Zuker says ... you may want to warn him ;)
    As to the pics, don't you think you are pushing it just a tad?? Keziah isn't three yet. I think you were just looking for an excuse to post a lot of pictures ;) but that's okay. We enjoy looking, especially those of us far away!
    It has been fun to watch Lincoln's growth. At this age they change so much I find. He often reminded me of Stanley who also was always smiling and happy - I always said he was our most gleeful child. Lincoln has that too. I pic picture one and two. And picture 3 of Keziah but she's not three so it doesn't really count ;)
    All the best tomorrow. It's been in my thoughts and prayers and we trust all will go well. She sure is a healthy, active child! So much to be thankful for!

  3. Love this post. As for pictures,3 And 4 for Kez and I would have to say 1 for Linc, simply b/c he looks so much like Nathan in that one!

  4. number 4 of K is really nice! number 3 of L. I love how he looks like his daddy!
    Let us know what the doc says!

  5. Thanks for the updates! I agree with most on the pics. Number 4 of Keziah and Number 3 of Lincoln!! All the best tomorrow. Angelina Jans

  6. Number 4and 5 for Kez, and 1 and 6 for Lincoln :) -KarynS.

  7. Number 4and 5 for Kez, and 1 and 6 for Lincoln :) -KarynS.