Sunday, July 1, 2012


When we were given background information on Keziah's birth parents, we noticed that they covered a lot of races between the two of them. Asian wasn't listed but if it was, we would know what Keziah would have looked like. With her dark hair and olive colour skin and now this morning with her eyes almost swollen closed, she looks like a little oriental girl! :o) This morning she says to me "Mom, I can't see your eyes!". She thinks it is quite funny.

The doctors are thinking of discharging us today! We shall see!!

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  1. Whether it's today or tomorrow, that's going to be such an amazing closing bracket of a drive home with Keziah. Especially in such profound contrast to the Not Knowing that would've coloured the drive in with her on Friday morning. A sense of Not Knowing, but also a firm and unshakable Knowledge and Trust, that God is guiding you all through this, and He will keep you in His care.
    So thankful for God's rich and astounding blessings.